Title Quality on Forage Plants and Factors Effecting Forage Quality
Authors Fikret BUDAK, Feridun BUDAK
Abstract Forage plants quality can be defined in various ways, but is often poorly understood. Although it represents a simple concept, encloses much complexity. Forage quality is an ambiguous term whose meaning varies. Although the quality of fodderplantsconsist of a lot of concepts (digestibility rate, rate of mineral substances, toxicsubstances, andtheperformances of animals) are shown as a simple concept..Forage plants contain fixed energy largely in the form of complex carbohydrates, waxes,essentialoils, saponins (glycosides)etc. and lignins, tannins, etc.Though important, forage quality often receives far less considerationthan it deserves.Generally the quality of forage or value can be understandable from its chemical composition and digestibility rate. In this study the importance of the quality of forage plants, factors affecting the quality and how determined the quality issues have been addressed.
Keywords Forage plants, quality, factors
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 001-006
Year 2014
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