Title Pollen Analysis in Anatolia and Its Immediate Surroundings and Contribution of Anatolia to Quaternary Paleogeography
Authors Çetin ŞENKUL
Abstract In Anatolia and its immediate surroundings 100 pollen analysis were completed by now. The studies which are belong to Turkey's Quaternary Palynology started about 45 years ago, even though there are some shortcomings, it is the most important data source for environmental changes which extends between 25 thousand years ago and today's period. With these studies the ecology of individual plant species, forest progression/regression, the vegetation construction, human impact on the natural environment, climate change and determining the mechanisms belongs to climate changes are possible. This study aims to answer the questions of; ‘‘What are the studies on pollen analysis in and around Anatolia?'', '' How is pollen analysis' spatial variability?'', ''What period does it involve in temporal way?'', ''In what ways did it contribute to Quaternary Paleogeography of Turkey's restructuring issues of environmental conditions?''
Keywords Pollen Analysis, Proxy Data, Paleovegetation, Climatic Change, Human Activitiy
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 007-017
Year 2014
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