Title Impact of Natural and Cultural Landscape: The Proposal of Nature and Biodiversity Protection Law
Authors A.Esra CENGİZ, Demet DEMİROĞLU, Umut PEKİN TİMUR, Aybike Ayfer KARADAĞ
Abstract Our country have an important situation in terms of natural and cultural landscape values but still, it is not reached need to be point about conservation. Approach balance of conservation-use, protection of these values in processes, these days gives place to sustainable use. This situation has confronted protected areas with the economic prospects. Prepared by the efforts to achieve economic income and rent, conflicting laws and fancy the legal-administrative applications which don’t have legal backdrop eradicate rapidly natural and cultural landscape values in our country. Proposal of Nature and Biodiversity Protection Law, which was studied in recent years and adopted as proposal on 06/18/2012, is an important law to be dealt with sensitively. If the proposal enacted, many natural and cultural landscape value will enter into an irreversible process of destruction. In this study, it was evaluated The Proposal of Nature and Biodiversity Protection Law which was prepared about protection, use and management of our natural and cultural resources. Based on evaluation, in the proposal, it was seen made priority of economic goals with focus on like overriding public benefit, environmental benefit, the benefit of tourism etc. statements and "sustainable use". It was seen that natural areas has confronted with irreparable damage with the legal and administrative changes for economic targets, like changed definitions of protected areas, reevaluated protected area status, put into operation these areas, repealed of National Parks Act. Therefore, the proposal should be harmonized with the International Convention for Conservation of Nature within the framework of national and international policies. Short and long term in the proposal ecological, economic, cultural and political effects should be considered, applications and provisions relating to the powers and responsibilities should be clarified statements and the proposal should be made on a solid foundation of legal basis in. In this process, the proposal should be prepared with a participatory and transparent based on an expert staff. To achieve successfully the goal, ecological, economic, socio-cultural and political dynamics should be examined, protection of areas should be provided by a law will be created under the name “Landscape Act”.
Keywords Natural and cultural landscape, biodiversity, nature protection, protected area, proposal of law.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 025-032
Year 2014
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