Title Fundamental Principles of Pollen Analysis and the Importance of Restructuring Quaternary Environmental Conditions
Authors Çetin ŞENKUL
Abstract In the studies of restructuring quaternary environmental conditions many sources and methods are referenced for determination of short and long-term environmental changes. Pollen analysis, which is one of those methods, constitutes an important indirect registration to reveal the changes and detections of vegetation formations, plant species and species diversity. Pollen analysis are also used as important data sources for the determination of climatic cycles timing, duration and effects; for the determination of the relationship between natural environment and human,; for the distribution, development, reveal of agricultural activities. Therefore, scientists benefit from the pollen records in the researches of paleo-vegetation, paleo-climate and bioarchaelogy that partaking in paleogeographic studies. In this study, general characteristics of pollen analysis which are very important and comprehensive and its contributions to Quaternary studies are discussed.
Keywords Pollen Analysis, Proxy Data, Quaternary, Paleovegetation, Climatic Change, Human Activitiy
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 033-041
Year 2014
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