Title Shark Cartilage and Liver Oil Using Possibilities Against to the Cancer Formation
Abstract Cancer has been seen rarely or none in sharks, compare to the other organisms, and it is important to understand what the relationship of the shark's cancer-preventing immune system is that? A lot of different suggestions were made by the scientists. One of the important main explanation in that, the sharks cartilage and liver oil effections’ against to the cancer formation. There are a lot of reasons to being cancer. But mainly, depends on the blood vessel developing status. One of the main differences between sharks and higher vertebrates; is that a shark's skeleton is made of cartilage. Cartilage is different from other types of tissue, meaning it does not contain any blood vessels. Recent research indicates there is a relation between the lack of blood vessels in shark cartilage and sharks anti cancer mechanism. It was determined that shark cartilage is a powerful inhibitor of tumor growth. Another important differences in sharks that their almost 10 times higher amount of liver oil content, compare to the other animals. The effective parts of shark liver oil have been determined as a group of ether-linked glycerols or in other saying alkylglycerols. The activation of protein kinase C, having a role in cell proliferation, can be prevented by alkylglycerols. Different studies indicated that, alkylglycerols have a multifunctional role and shark liver oil can be used in treatment of several types of cancer.
Keywords shark, cartilage, liver oil, cancer
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 042-045
Year 2014
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