Title Biotechnology, Genetic Resources and Bioeconomy Related Activities in Turkey
Authors Arzu ÜNAL, Mikail ÇALIŞKAN, Mevlüt ŞAHİN, Eda BIYIK, Nazif KOLANKAYA
Abstract To benefit from Biotechnology, Genetic Resources and Bioeconomy Turkey needs to increase the number of scientists working in this area, and also it should not only involve technology transfer but also the creation of new products from rich genetic resources and benefit economically from the “nature and natural resources” nationally and also at European level, which KBBE-NET may provide such an opportunity during the candidacy period through cooperation and integration within the Framework Programmes. Finally, KBBE (Knowledge Based Bioeconomy), Industrial Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology and Genetic Resources are accepted in Turkey as a key for the sustainable development of the country because of its agricultural and industrıal production potentials.
Keywords Industrial Biotechnology, Bioeconomy, Genetic Resources.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 049-051
Year 2014
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