Title The Landscape Development Plan Within Hydroelectric Power Plants
Authors Şükran ŞAHİN, H. Ülgen YENİL, Fırat Çağlar YILMAZ
Abstract The demand for energy is getting increased in parallel with the population growth as well as industrial and technological progress. In that sense hydroelectric power plants is by far the most common method of large scale electric power generation. On the other hand, those plant constructions have potential environmental impacts. The Landscape Development Plan (LDP) to be prepared before the plant construction as an integral part of the entire hydroelectric power generation project, then, is getting of importance to be able to reduce adverse impacts. The impacts of the project over landscape elements and processes, as well as the impacts of the environment over the project itself are assessed by LDP. As a final benefit, the sustainable restoration and management strategies would be produced. In this study, the LDP Model is identified by which potential impacts over landscape and strategies for their management to be addressed, using some case studies in which spatial analyses were carried out with the help of Geographical Information Sytems. As a result of that LDP model for hydroelectric power station and dam projects, landscape strategies for nature conservation and landscape restoration, visual landscape improvements and recreational usage potential will be produced. The described LDP model could be efficiently used for other types of major construction projects.
Keywords Hydroelectric power plant, environmental impact, landscape evaluation.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 052-057
Year 2014
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