Title Evaluating the Potantial of Rural Tourism in Çanakkale and Its Importance in Developing Regional Tourism
Authors Şefik Okan MERCAN, Ali YILDIZ
Abstract Çanakkale have important advantages developing the the rurarl tourism in the perspective of geographical, natural, historical and cultural subjects. In this study the concept of rural tourism and the potential of it in Çanakkale is examined. So the determination and the importance of rural tourism fields and products in regional tourism development aimed to reveal. This study is prepared by using the literature and interviews with the relevant stakeholders and has an important role in rural tourism potential in the development of regional tourism in terms of highlighting the importance in Çanakkale.
Keywords Çanakkale, rural tourism, regional tourism
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 058-061
Year 2014
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