Title An Evaluation of Distribution of Landscape and Ornamental Plants Education Programme in Turkish Education System
Authors Nihat KARAKUŞ, Serdar SELİM, İsmail ÇINAR
Abstract The main objective of the study is to evaluate the latest ten years position of landscape and ornamental plants programmes that supply technical coordination between landscape architectures and application suppliers in vocational schools of universities. The study is composed of three stages as determination of current situation, analysis and evaluation. The main material of the study is vocational schools which train formal and second training of landscape and ornamental plants programme in govermental and foundational universities of Turkey. First landscape and ornamental plants programmes in vocational schools were determined with the help of preference guide of OSYM(Student Selection and Placement Center) between 2005-2014. The obtained data have been digitized on the Map of Turkey by Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Datas were analyzed, classified and evaluated in the scale of region and province. Consequently, when vocational schools that train landscape and ornamental plants education were assessed in regional scale, it is located that the density is maximum in Marmara region while it is minimum in Mediterranean region. Also, vocational schools were determined in all regions since 2009. It is evaluated that at provincial level the density is high in Sakarya and Muğla provinces.
Keywords Vocational School, Landscape and Ornamental Plants Program, GIS.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 062-068
Year 2014
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