Title Evaluation of Hawthorn Fruits in Production of Functional Foods and Importance for Human Health
Authors Ali BATU
Abstract The most important group of natural antioxidants are phenolic substances. Fruits aroma, color and flavor formation at least in part, to create an antimicrobial effect, and also very important in terms. Hawthorn is one of the fruits which are rich some of phenolic compounds. Phenolic substances to inhibit low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and have an effect of preventing oxidation has a positive effect on health. These effects prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and anticancer effect. To achieve this, hawthorn fruit concentrates in developed countries, food aid in recent years by using the high value-added functional food production has become widespread. Therefore it is possible to produce high foods or food supplements that has high functional value from hawthorn in Turkey. Parameter to 'grow naturally in Turkey, despite the large amount of hawthorn fruit value not fully understood. In addition, consumption of food with functional properties is not very much done here. Therefore, these fruits have a high content of antioxidant substances that are widely used in high value-added functional products will be offered for sale at high prices in very special stores. Alıçtan syrup, jelly, paste, concentrated fruit juice, soft drinks, sauces, nectar, yogurt aıçlı, lokum seasoning agent, dried fruit can be produced. Hawthorn fruit syrup, jelly, paste, pekmez, soft drinks, sauces, nectar, yogurt with hawthorn, flavoring agent for lokum, dried fruit can be produced. In addition, hawthorn powder produced can be used in the production in cakes, biscuits, candy and ice cream.
Keywords Hawthorn, Antioxidant, Phenolic compounds, Health, Pekmez
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-005
Year 2012
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