Title Rice productıon systems
Authors İsmail SEZER, Hasan AKAY, Fatih ÖNER, Mevlüt ŞAHİN
Abstract Rice is the main food source, 40 % of the world's population, approximately 80 % of 2 billion people to meet the basic food staple calorie needs. Rice is widely cultivated in tropical and temperate zones produced by 90% is consumed in Asian countries. According to the water regime of rice cultivation is done in five training system in the world. These systems are considering planting area, 45% irrigation, 30% rain, 11% in deep water, floating in 4% and 10% of rice cultivated as upland. Continuous irrigated rice production system in our country, cultivated fields will be kept under water. 20 days until harvest, planting, field surface is covered with water. Water height-dependent manner the development of plants is increased gradually, and the maximum growth stages are around 15 cm. Irrigated rice cultivation methods used in the production system in the world of their economic, ecological and social status depend. They distribute seed to water (by hand, fertilizer saçıcıları and aircraft), to dry the seed drill sowing, ridge planting and planting (hand and the seed drill planting) implemented in the form. Method is usually applied to distribute seed to water in our country. However, in recent years, laser leveling tools, and full mechanization of rice planting areas with planting planting into machines has increased the applicability of the method.
Keywords Rice productıon systems
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 006-011
Year 2012
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