Title Breeding Works in Çankırı Grassland
Authors Mevlüt MÜLAYİM
Abstract Feed has a greatimportance on animalfeeding, also in feedingcosts as it has a percentagearound 70-75% in total costs of feeding. Feed, supportsliveandyieldneeds of animals in concern of matterandenergythatfeed in somelimitsandconditionshavenooppositeeffect on health of animalthataresufficientorganicandinorganicmattersorthemixes. Some of thefeedsincludethewholenutritionalmatters of theneeds of theanimalswhilesome of theminclude a part of theneeds. Pasturesaretheimportantandcheapfeedresources. 179.689,1 ha area, is the 24 %of the total area of the Çankırı, is thepasturearea of thecity. Thecount of smallanimals (sheepandgoats) in thecity is 83749 and it is the 0.29% of total in Turkey (29382000), whilethecount of cattleandlikeanimals is 91434 and it is aproximately 0.79% of the total(11433000 animals). Roughage is deficient in thecity. Grazingstartedearlyandit’sapplication is not regular. Thestudies on pastureimprovementmight be continuedandalso it might be sustainable.
Keywords Çankırı, Grassland, Breedingworks
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 012-018
Year 2012
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