Title Technology of GD-Analysis in the Corn Plan
Authors Ahmet OKUMU┼×, Fatih ├ľNER
Abstract Maize is one of the plants produced at the largest amount as human food and animal feed after wheat in the world. By the intend of advantage of gen transfer in terms of disease resistance, the production of GM maize plant is limited some countries and the track of GM maize within the scope of biosecurity is obliged. GM maize samples, mostly, are done on seed within the scope of cereal export and import as commercial. The most used method is PCR based for fast and confidential results. In these applications, gen transfer is analyzing as exist/absent, which gene and amount of GD products. These analysis result qualitative and quantitative due to the gene used and, GM gene loci are becoming different due to used technology for GM detection. Today, four regions are used for GM detection as NOS/S35/Bar and CTP2 as commercial. These tests are applied under the ISO 17025 laboratory standarts using European GMO Protocols.
Keywords Maize, GMO, Transgenic, Detection technology
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 025-028
Year 2012
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