Title Utilization Wild Poppies in Turkey
Authors Neşet ARSLAN, Ercüment O. SARIHAN, Arif İPEK, Ahmet GÜMÜŞÇÜ
Abstract Species belonging to the family Papaveraceae are widely distributed in and around the Mediterranean and the Middle East regions of temperate and subtropical Northern Hemisphere. Seven genuses belonging to these families are found in our country. The most important species of the genus Papaveraceae is Papaver. This genus is represented by 36 species including 10 endemic species and 20 sub-species and varieties in our country. This shows the extent of richness of our country in terms of Papaver species availability. This report will focus on possibilities to benificial effects ofdifferent types of Papaver species that grow in our country.
Keywords Species, endemic, varieties
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 041-044
Year 2012
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