Title Soil Plant Interaction in Regard to Salinity
Authors Melda DÖLARSLAN, Ebru GÜL
Abstract Salinity constitute a significant problem in arid and semiarid areas. Especially due to the effect of global climate change, in recent years salinity problem has become an important. As a result of the effect of increasing temperature and decreasing rainfall in arid areas, salt is unwashed and accumulate in upper soil. This situation restricts the development of plant roots, causes the formation of abiotic stress in plants. Especially, agricultural practices in saline soil in arid region, grain plants roots shortened, water intake and transpiration decreased. Also, as a result of improper irrigation, salinity problem occur in grown plants and causes salt stress on plants. So, salt stress caused serious physiological dysfunction, Restricts the plant's vegetative and reproductive growth, reproduction disorders, causes fruits to be smaller and to the destruction of the plant. Resistance of the plants against salt concentration is different. For this reason, in agricultural and forestry activities, which will be made in areas with the problem of salt, salt-resistant species should be selected. Therefore in this study, effects of salinity on vegetation in arid and semi-arid areas, resistance mechanisms of plants against salt stress factors were assessed via examining the soil and plant relationships.
Keywords Salinity, Salt Stress, Soil-Plant Relations, Arid, Semi-arid
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 056-059
Year 2012
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