Title Problems Encountred in Turf Establishment Activities and Suggestions for Solutions in Turkey
Authors Mustafa YILMAZ, Rıza AVCIOĞLU, Ali SALMAN, A. Cenap CEVHERİ
Abstract In this study, essential questions and solutions in turf management practices encountered in Turkey were discussed. It is a fact that turf culture gained significance in the country during recent years. However, there are many handycaps in turf establishment and management activities in this sector. Since the proper techniques are not imposed during turf studies, turf areas are lost in a very short period of time deteriorated. Main problems are; lack of experienced stuff, lack of infrastructure, effect of different ecologies, failures in genus and species preferences, over use of seed supplies, lack of high quality seed sources, lack of maintanence measures.
Keywords Turf areas, turf problems, suggestions for solutions
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 060-063
Year 2012
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