Title The Role of Breeding Cattle Raising Association in Extension and Education Activities
Authors Umut GÜL, Hasan TATLIDİL
Abstract One of the most important ways to increase agricultural production, to gain quality product and to enhance the living standards of people involved in agriculture is the organization of producers effectively. Breeding Cattle Raising Association which is the most active organization about livestock in Turkey was established in 1995. It services its members about animal earing, herd book database, planning of national breeding, consultancy about raising and feeding, input supply, extension and education activities in EU standards. This study aims a general evaluation of extension and education activities of Breeding Cattle Raising Association for its members. For this reason, active provincial organizations about extension and education have been determined by Breeding Cattle Raising Association and then interviews have been done one by one with these organizations and their studies about them are required. In this study interviews were done with 10 provincial organizations and background information was learned. Also, by national and international researches and various organizations’ books, journals, statistics and reports information was obtained via their internet addresses. Consequently, the extension and education activities of Breeding Cattle Raising Association help the breeders and increase their knowledge. For this reason, the organizations should carry out their activities with projects, seminars, panels, meetings etc. intended for their members.
Keywords Livestock, extension and education, organization.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 064-067
Year 2012
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