Title Workplace Labor Conditions and Problems in Agriculture and Forestry
Abstract Agricultural and forestry labors; depending on the soil, showing different characteristics in different regions and large areas, absolutely requires to go to workplace for works to be done, are realized under uncontrollable and suddenly changeable circumstances influenced from open air conditions, take part in heavy and dangerous works when compared with other sectors, are due to the high rate of work accidents, including women and children in the family, consisting of close relatives and villagers, deprived of social life away from their homes in different regions, conducted largely with seasonal itinerant groups of workers, a mediator generally takes part in between the employer and the workers, predominantly low income and education level of workers, have common problems about education, health, safety, housing, transport, social and environmental relationship, with the work features and social security issues. This study was prepared to deal agriculture and forestry workers with workplace conditions and problems faced, features of both business and information about common problems of workers were proved based on the literature studies and experiences
Keywords Agricultural labor, forestry labor, workers’ problems, seasonal worker
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 072-076
Year 2012
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