Title Fuzzy Logic Applications in Crop Production
Abstract The Information Technologies, swiftly, keeps on developing in various study fields. Due the changes on life conditions, encountered problems are getting more complicated and thus, people are trying to find out more variable solutions on this manner. Hence, for helping people on their solution searches; computer based intelligent systems have been developed in order to make ease on decision making process. As one of the methods of Artifical Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic; is capable of explaining the complex problems that derived by nonego and uncertainity situations. Particularly in modelling of non-prospect uncertainities, it has a unique role as bounder between natural language and numeric statements. Since Fuzzy Set theory stated by A. Lotfi Zadeh in 1965, it has been used in various study fields as; medicine, biology, education and economy etc. Nonetheless, features like decision support systems, classification, optimization and prediction that developed in agricultural study field has used in various aims; as both in animal breeding and planting. In this paper, under the light shed from Fuzzy Logic theory, agricultural product management, agricultural irrigation, soil analyse, precision agricultural applications and applications concerned with variable chemistry analyse will be reviewed.
Keywords Fuzzy logic, fuzzy set, crop production
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 077-082
Year 2012
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