Title Turkey’s Geographical Marking and Local Products
Authors Ahmet ŞAHİN, Yeşim MERAL
Abstract Geographical markings are signs indicating a distinctive quality, fame or other features and identified with a district, area, region or country of its origin. In other words, geographical indication shows goods’ origin. The aim of this study is geographical markings’ importance and the role of rural development in Turkey to reveal with available data. Data of labour consist of secondary data which are collected related studies and units about the topic. Both the number of local products and geographical marked products are getting scalar up and demand is rising rapidly all over the world. Geographical marking comes up to be a factor which affects consumer’s choice from the point of product differantion and giving detailed info to consumer about product. Creating agenda and awareness in related shareholder will be useful about this topic.
Keywords Turkey, geographical sign, local products
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 088-092
Year 2012
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