Title Scoping the Conserved micro-RNAs and Their Target Transcripts in Eukaryotes Cells
Authors Parizad Allahverdikhan VAZİRİ, Kiarash Afshar Pour REZAEIEH
Abstract Discovery of regulatory RNA molecules during last years has played an important role in controlling gene expression and has led to development of a new research area. About 21 nucleotide long, short RNA molecules were first discovered in plants. By now, it is well known that small RNA molecules inhibit mRNA transformation in cytoplasm and break mRNA molecules to regulate gene expression. Many different functionally small RNAs that play an important role in regulating genome structure and function are waiting to be explored. The silencing of gene expression by RNAi pathways, are processed through the "small interfering RNA (siRNA)" and micro RNA (miRNA) which are small, negative regulators of gene expression and non protein-coding RNA fragments.
Keywords miRNA, RNA, gene expression, genomic structure
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 096-098
Year 2012
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