Title Rehabilitation of Arid-Semi Arid Rangelands in Çankırı and Soil Conservative Plant Species
Authors Hüseyin YILMAZ, Ceyhun GÖL
Abstract Grasslands and rangelands have many ecological and economic benefits such as soil conservation animal health, animal nutrition, biological diversity, wild life, recreation besides providing feed for animals. The correct managing of this natural resources and rehabilitation of this degraded areas are necessary for both animal production and the country’s economy. The main habitat factors limiting the production in arid rangelands are the irregular and the inadequate rains. As a result of wrong grazing and overgrazing cause deteriorating of ecosystem balance, decreasing of production and begin soil erosion in this vulnerable ecosystems. The rangelands may lose their ecological and economic importance in time. It is needed to choose soil preventive and high productive plants in arid and semi-arid rangeland rehabilitation. In this study, some of the native plant species are determined which can be used for erosion control and forage production for rehabilitation of arid rangelands in Çankırı region.
Keywords Rangeland rehabilitation, Drought, Soil conservation, Forage production
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 109-115
Year 2012
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