Title Agricultural Pollution Groundwater Nitrate in Turkey
Authors Seval SÜNAL, Sabit ERŞAHİN
Abstract Nitrate contamination of groundwater has become an important Nitrate (NO3-) is the most important species of nitrogen found in the groundwater. Besides NO3- leaching from agricultural areas due to improper use of fertilizers and irrigation water, considerable amount of NO3- originated from industrial and municipal areas move through the vadoze zone and reaches to groundwater. It is more difficult to detect NO3- originated from large agricultural areas and to evaluate its impacts on groundwater compared to industrial and municipal sources. Studies showed that NO3- concentration is progressively increasing in Turkish groundwaters due to intensified fertilizers and irrigation water use and coming from industrial and municipal sources. In this study, we summarized the groundwater contamination of NO3- from agricultural activities and measures taken to lessen its impact on groundwater in Turkey.
Keywords Groundwater pollution, nitrate contamination irrigation, fertilizer use, Turkish groundwaters.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 116-118
Year 2012
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