Title Importance of Biodiversity in Terms of Sustainable Development
Authors Mesut UYANIK, Ş. Metin KARA, Bilal GÜRBÜZ
Abstract At the end of the past century, especially in urbanization and industrialization processes, uncontrolled use and consumption of natural resources has brought sustainable development concept as a new approach to world agenda. Based on protection and sustainable use of natural resources, sustainable development is the process of development aimed at socio-economic development. One of the most important components of sustainable development, which is defined as to be carried out in a way that needs for today's generations wouldn`t be an obstacle for future generations, is biological diversity. Biodiversity, expressed the diversity of ecosystem, specie and gene of any district, creates the essential constituent of life-support system which is necessary for the future of life on earth and humanity. Turkey, due to having geographic regions that vary in terms of climate and soil properties, being located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe continents and having three major phytogeographical region, has a very important place in the world, especially in terms of plant diversity. It is known that there are over 9000 plant species in Turkey flora and about 1/3 of them are endemic. While this high level of biodiversity that we have offers significant opportunities, on the other hand charges large responsibility to our country. In Turkey, as all over the world, destruction of natural resources has reached dramatic proportions depending on rapid population growth, urbanization and industrialization. Sustainable development approach has a idea that natural resources are the source of economic development. To protect and ensure sustainable using of the biodiversity that we have, and turn this richness into economic interests, development and implementation of sustainable development policies is required at the national level.
Keywords Biodiversity, environmental protection, natural resources, ecosystem
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 125-127
Year 2012
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