Title Fuel Cell Energy Systems Applications in Combination with Agricultural Irrigation Systems
Authors Göksu GÖREL, Bekir CENGİL
Abstract Rapid population growth is increasing needs of people in the world. Agricultural areas have become a necessity to use technology. However, with increasing energy consumption, this requirement brings with it some environmental problems. Protecting the natural balance of production is considered a sustainable, agricultural areas should be better assessed the use of different energy sources. Agricultural production stage in order to provide increased efficiency in using energy is one of the cultural processes irrigation. In this regard, the importance of increasing the quality of irrigation applied to agricultural land. Elimination of negative environmental conditions, from the fields of agriculture, provision of continuous and controlled flow of energy, is one of the conditions required for an irrigation problem. Both the use of different energy sources as well as some disadvantages, such as power outage that may occur as a result of irrigation activities required a system that eliminates the defects. In this study, for the purpose of irrigation, supported by fuel cell-grid, solar powered electricity production plants, facilities for the implementation of closed loop systems studied, the theoretical description is given for the fuel cell and solar cell structure.
Keywords Alternative energy, agricultural irrigation, fuel cell
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 128-132
Year 2012
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