Title Use Facilities of Natural Zeolite [Clinoptilolite] on Poultry Nutrition and Growing
Authors Hüsrev DEMİRULUS, Ahmet AYDIN
Abstract This review was prepared to summarize the studies about zeolites utilization on poultry of antibiotics were banned as feed additive for poultry nutrition. Probiotics, pebiotics, essential fats, humates and zeolites don’t hazard for humans and animals, protect the subclinic infections, and stimulate the growth. Natural zeolites consist of approximately 40 numbers minerals. Present, there are 50 varieties natural zeolites and about 200 numbers artificial zeolites. Natural zeolites of 9 numbers have been a lot of in soil. Zeolite [Clinoptilolite] is one of them. Zeolite is a mineral that absorbs the water, gases, and metal ions. They not include harmful elements, withstands hot of 7500 °C, acids and bases. Zeolites can be added ratio of from 1% to 15% into the poultry feed. These practices have concentrated for hens, broilers and quails. As a result of, zeolie was useful respect to egg and carcass quality, bones and body health.
Keywords Zelite [Clinoptilolite], poultry
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 147-150
Year 2012
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