Title Salt Tolerance Some Native Melon Accessions
Authors Şebnem KUŞVURAN, Şebnem ELLIALTIOĞLU, H.Yıldız DAŞGAN, Kazım ABAK
Abstract Turkey take place within the origin area and for this reason has many different local melon genotypes. At the same time the migrations over the centuries, the territory of Anatolia, where the intersection of trade routes on diversification also played a role in reasons. On the other hand melon is an open pollinated plant species and heterozygoty rate is very high. Through natural selection many native accessions have been developed at the different ecological regions in Anatolia. There are very interesting populations in melons which have some tolerances to environmental stress conditions. Local melon accessions are grown in different locations in Turkey that we have done some stress studies on them. We found that, the salt tolerance of the local genotypes were higher than the commercial cultivars.In this article, we want to call attention to the local Koçhisar melon grown around Salt Lake, Van, Van-Chart, and grown in the province of Mardin Kiziltepe, Midyat and some melon genotypes for the breeding programme. Improvement of agronomic characteristics of these genotypes and the development of new varieties tolerant to high salty conditions are important for evaluation of genetic resources.
Keywords Accession, melon, salt stress, tolerance
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 151-153
Year 2012
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