Title Bitki Dayanıklılık Genleri ve Proteinleri
Authors Özer ÇALIŞ
Abstract This review has aimed to focus on plant resistance proteins encoded by resistance (R) genes in molecular level, to reveal biochemical structures, to define host resistance proteins and to understand their pathogen avirulens protein interactions regarding host-pathogen relationships and tiriggered resistance mechanims. Naturally, as a result of these relationships host easily understood presence of the pathogen, the host resistance proteins activate plant defense mechanisms against the pathogens. Resistance genes and their proteins have formed immune mechanism in the plants. This review also describes plant resistance proteins, control resistance to different bacterial, fungal, viral pathogens, nematodes and even some types of aphids, have structural similarity and their biochemical and molecular functions are closed to each others.
Keywords Bitki Dayanıklılık Genleri ve Proteinleri
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-09
Year 2011
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