Title Denitrification and Microorganisms
Authors Gülten KURUCUOĞLU ÖKMEN, Ömer Faruk ALGUR
Abstract Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant and animal growth. In addition, all microorganisms require nitrogen for protein synthesis and growth. But, nitrate contamination of current and potential drinking water sources is a serious and ever-increasing problem. The toxicity of nitrates for humans is not clearly understood. However, their consumption can cause infant methemoglobinemia. Reduction of nitrates into nitrites may contribute to the formation of nitrosoamines, which are known carcinogens. Therefore, various unit processes have been used for nitrate removal from drinking water and wastewater. Biological denitrification is highly selective for nitrate removal. Moreover, biological denitrification have been used for years in wastewater treatments. Heterotrophic or autotrophic microorganisms have been used in biological denitrification. Biological denitrification is cheaper than the other methods. Therefore, biological denitrification has been prefered. This review is preapered for this reason.
Keywords Denitrification, microorganism
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-15
Year 2011
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