Title Quality of Gamete Cells of Fish and Effects of Reproduction
Authors Mustafa Erkan ÖZGÜR
Abstract In the wild or under aquaculture conditions, the quality of fish gametes can be highly variable and is under the influence of a significant number of external factors or broodstock management practices. Despite the significant efforts made towards a better understanding of the factors involved in the control of gamete quality, the picture is far from being complete and the control of gamete quality remains an issue in the aquaculture industry. Fish egg quality can be defined as the ability of the egg to be fertilized and subsequently develop into a normal embryo. Similarly, sperm quality can also be defined as its ability to successfully fertilize an egg and subsequently allow the development of a normal embryo. For these reasons, the topic of gamete quality has received increasing attention. In this review, how it can defined, accurately estimated or predicted to egg and sperm quality, we provide an overview of the main factors that can impact gamete quality in teleosts.
Keywords Fish, quality of gamete, effects of reproduction
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 007-24
Year 2011
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