Title Heavy Metal Accumulation in Aquatic Macrophytes
Authors Muhittin DO─×AN
Abstract Aquatic macrophytes accumulate heavy metals by uptaking from water. It is known that metal accumulation capabilities among main groups of macrophytes are different. Conducted studies revealed that submerged macrophytes accumulate more heavy metal than emerged and floatingleaf macrophytes. Furthermore, according to ecological properties, there are accumulation differences among root, stem, leaf, flower and seeds of macrophytes. Factors such as urbanization, industrialisation and use of pesticides cause increase in heavy metal pollution in waters. As aquatic macrophytes remove the contaminants from polluted water, their roles in remediation of polluted waters are highly important.
Keywords Aquatic macrophytes, heavy metal accumulation, fitoremediation
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 2
Page 003-36
Year 2011
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