Title Religious Education in Turkey in the Context of Religion-
Authors İhsan ÇAPCIOĞLU
Abstract Analysing the socio-political and cultural history of Turkish society, it is seen that in the late Ottoman and Republican periods in particular, on the basis of religion, politics and laicism, an intensive discussion has been made. Particulary in the repuplican era, this debates has been facilitated once again, keeping up to crear an actual field of validity. It is impossible that these debates to have an influence on the state policy of education that aimed to educate individuals who have adopted the main principles of Republic, above all the laicism, and to also realize this through education. Indeed, as a natural result of this fact, the formal and informal religious education have been affected by the debates and developments in the political life. This influence has also brought about the discussions questioning the existence and quality of religious education in Turkey. In this article, on the basis of religion-politics-laicism, the pre-Republican, post republican and present-day situation of Religious education in Turkey is examined within the framework of periodic changes taking place under the socio-political and social influences.
Keywords Religion, Politics, Laicity, Religious Education, Turkish Society
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 021-040
Year 2009
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