Title İlahiyat Araştırmaları: Dil Ve Edebiyat
Authors Bilal KEMİKLİ
Abstract Faculty of Theology was established in order to “be taught there specialists in high theology” in accordance with the fourth article of Tevhid-i Tedrisat Code in 21 April 1924 within the Dâru’l-Funûn (Istanbul University). Therefore faculty of Theology is one of the oldest institutions of Republic Period of Turkey. Despite its history, it is hard to be said that a tradition in language was established in this institution. For, the institution was occasionally closed and reopened, and its curriculum was changed due to various interventions. However, academic studies in faculties of Theology which were recently done have reached the extent that could give direction to similar ones. In this article, theological studies were dealt with in regard of language and literature.
Keywords Theological Studies, Turkish-Islamic Literature, Religious Language, Religious Literature.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 047-052
Year 2009
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