Title Are the Programs Which are Exercised in Faculties of Theology
Authors Ahmet YAMAN
Abstract An Assessment on the Competency and Productivity of Islamic Law Course in Theology Faculties in the Face of Meeting Needs in Religious Services. Islamic law course forms the basic of the curricula of Islamic studies whether in old madrasa system or contemporary Islamic theological programs as it propounds a fundamental methodology and normative precepts. It is also important in that it is frequently related to national or international articles, researches, and debates as well as media presentations regarding Islam. Thus, one, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, is supposed to know, more than any other course on Islamic studies, basics of Islamic law in order to know Islam truly. This paper aims to peruse the current position of Islamic law course in theology faculties by taking its advantages and disadvantages into consideration.
Keywords Islamic law, fiqh, theology faculty, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 065-080
Year 2009
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