Title The Science of Kalam in Modern Turkey
Authors Cağfer KARADAŞ
Abstract In this article, firstly it is dealt with a short history of the science of kalam as a basis for the subject, then is studied in the process of “New Science of Kalam” denoting the transition from Ottoman to Republic Period, and is examined studies of kalam in the period of Republic of Turkey until now. This period is described through the three leading scholars, Hüseyin Atay, Bekir Topaloğlu and Şerafettin Gölcük. Besides it is mentioned about the books and authors on kalam. Finally, after a general analysis of the studies on kalam in terms of quantity and quality, it is given information about the Coordination Meetings of Kalam Department, which is the most effective and lasting one among the all coordination meetings of the departments of the Faculties of Theology in Turkey, and the symposiums and the -online-Journal of Kalam Studies (KADER) as the products of these meetings.
Keywords Science of Kalam, New Science of Kalam, Ottoman Period, Turkish Republic Period,
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 129-151
Year 2009
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