Title The Problems in Understanding of Islam and Non-Islamic Religions
Authors Mehmet AYDIN
Abstract A matter of methodological approaches to their own religions and the foreign religions is one of the most important issue for the Islamic theologians and historians of religions. All scientists are living in a particular culture and the patterns within a particular religion, and they forme their conception of the world according to this certain idea. However, this sometimes bring serious problems about understanding our own religion, and foreign religions. For example, when Islamic theologians trying to understand Christianity, if they deal with the issue with the pattern of Islamic information, they may be faced with serious missunderstandings. Likewise when a Christian theologian try to understand Buddism with his own belief patterns, we can see the same situation. For that, we will have to try to understand each religion in its own reference plan and in its own structure . To be able to achieve it, the theologians and historians need to know perfectly their own religions and foreign religions and they have to find the real truths by extracting the latter edditions to this religions without ignoring the central point of his religions.
Keywords Foreign religions, theologian and historian of religions, religions of the center point.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 181-189
Year 2009
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