Title The Problem of Theoretical Approach in Turkish Sociology of
Authors Celaleddin ÇELİK
Abstract In this essay it is researched the problem of theoretical approach in Turkish sociology of religion in the context of method and specificity. Theoretical approach is required to look the socio-world in a certain ontological, epistemological and, methodical consensus. The theoretical inspirations that made on the social aspects of religion are developing with parallel of pervasive sociological rhetoric. The problem of theoretical approach in Turkish sociology of religion has been discussing whether as a methodical problem in practice or as a specificity problem in theoretical dimension. Yet to gain its own specific terms and theoretic mediums of Turkish sociology of religion is possible to do with qualitative historical and comparative researches as well as empirical studies.
Keywords Sociology of Religion, Theoretical Approach, Method, Social Reality
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 203-217
Year 2009
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