Title The Requirement of Renewal and the Methodological
Authors Osman AYDINLI
Abstract During the transition period from the Tanzimat to the republic, western developments and especially the orientalist scientific researches showed their effects, either positive or negative, on Islamic fields. In this period, Muslim intellectuals, who were opposed to positivist thoughts and the reductionist approach of West to Islam, not only supported their religious values, but also criticized themselves in case of method and mentality. Since Islamic sciences were unable to satisfy the needs of that time, the requirement of renewal and reform came into minds. In this way, a lot of treatises had been written in basic Islamic sciences, especially in interpretation and Islamic law. The science of History of Islamic Sects, which was not an independent Islamic Science in the Tazminat period, has benefited from these developments. Since it was meaningless to answer the questions about the sects and thoughts that were already removed from the historical view and literature; the requirement of determining a new method for the religions and views, which were opposed to Islam, has been a debate. Looking for new solutions and the requirement of renewal gave rise History of Islamic Sects to become an independent science. In this context, the History of Islamic Sects’ journey to become an independent science again and the field’s background that affected the method of the science will be analysed.
Keywords Islamic sciences, the History of Islamic Sect, sects, orientalizm, the Republic period.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 235-248
Year 2009
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