Title What is the place of phlosopy courses in the Faculty of Thelogy? A study on the relation between religion and philosophy
Authors Celal TÜRER
Abstract Philosophy and religion are certainly two powers which shape existence. However it is also a fact that these institutions do not have the same results in practice and mostly are in conflict with each other. This fact could be understood better by analyzing their relationship in theoretical/metaphysical and practical/experiential bases. Although these bases provide a possibility for understanding and analyzing the problem, the key for the solution is linked to the concept of truth at the end. Thus, the main factor to determine the true nature of these two institutions and the extent of their relations is our conceptions of truth. From the perspective of practicality it could be said that both institutions reflects true possibilities which are found in life and these possibilities help us in building the existence that is “the present” and “the future” with proper symbols. At this point, we could speculate that in context of philosophy and religion relationship we should look forward rather than looking back and think about what will happen instead of what happened in the past, this may be a new authoritative approach/chance.
Keywords Philosophy, religion, truth, possibility
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 249-256
Year 2009
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