Title The Assessment About of the Activities of the Scientific is Made
Authors ─░lker YENEN
Abstract The purpose of this study, to make an assessment, in 1949, first in Turkey since the foundation of the Faculty of Theology, where classes started to be read as the about of religion psychology of the scientific development (masters and doctoral thesis, articles and books), the historical process by taking into consideration. Religion psychology of science and its place the life of Turkish- Islamic thoughts about assessment, is not easy to fit into an article. Nevertheless, the situation in Turkey of the psychology of religion will discuss that in this department published studies take into consideration have the extent that facilities. Religion psychology of the subject, purpose, method, place the lives of Turkish thought, what a science course will be located in this article together that the development in Turkey. As far as the problems of psychology of religion after are contacted of in the discussion part, the article, have finished with the result and recommendations section.
Keywords Religion Psychology of Science, The Situation in Turkey of Religion Psychology,
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 315-332
Year 2009
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