Title Acoustic Communication in Birds
Authors Metin SEZER
Abstract Communication among animals is one of the vital behavioural patterns for both species and individual by affecting the ability of reproduction, feeding and protection from predators. Song, which emitted highly in breeding seasons, is a transmission way of the information about the reproductive status and fi tness of the individuals (generally males) to the potential mates. Male’s song is a declaration of territory to all other males, and information of his availability to the females. Variations in the specifi cation of song, such as repertory, frequency and amplitude, incorporate the information about the individual identity, health, sex and reproduction attributes of the individual. Hence, animals can recognise their partners, parents and neighbours using only their voice. On the other hand, song can be used for gathering, alarm and protection. For animal science, song is an economic trait like in canary, partridge and Denizli cock. On the other hand, song has indirect economic values because of its importance in reproduction, fertility and hatchability poultry.
Keywords Communication, song, sexual selection, individual identity.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 01-16
Year 2008
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