Title The Role of Molecules During Alzheimer Disease
Authors Ayla ÖBER
Abstract Alzheimer that indicate with mental defects is usually late on pretreatment application for perceiving a geriatric problem. Many factors cause to defects that damaged neurons transmissions on brain. For examples; virus, chemical messengers, proteins, genes, carbohydrates and calcium metabolism, environmental factors etc. This case in terms of molecular aspect is involved with proteins. These protein aggregations that developed into neurons and among them, are attracted attention. This aggregation occurring into cells is resulted in constituting neurofi brillary balls of tau protein and damaging structure and function of cell through bounding to tubulin protein on microtubules structure. Whereas, constructions called amyloid plaques (β-amyloid peptide) among neurons show an arrangement that point out also dementia intensity.
Keywords Alzheimer disease, Tau tangles, Amyloid peptide, Amyloid plaques.
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 23-31
Year 2008
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