Title Pests And Natural Enemies Determined In Olive Orchards in
Abstract In Turkey, pests are one of the most important problems in olive orchards. About 144 different olive pests were observed out of which 8 pests have to be considered as key pests (Bactoracera oleae Gmel., Prays oleae Bern, Saissetia oleae Olivier, Parlatoria oleae Colvèe, Euphyllura olivina Costa, Calocoris trivialis Costa, C. annulus Costa, Pollinia pollini Costa). For most pests a lot of natural enemies were observed in Turkey which are able to control almost all key pests, if the natural balance was not destroyed by the excessive use of pesticides. In this paper, we present the pest species and the natural enemies which were determined in Turkish olive growing areas from past till now.
Keywords Olive, Pests, Natural enemies, Turkey
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 87-97
Year 2008
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