Title The Role of Social Media in Marketing Gastronomy Culture of Edirne “A Content Analysis of Hashtags for Gastronomy in Instagram”
Authors Selda UCA ÖZER,Aslı ALBAYRAK,Tanju GÜDÜK
Abstract Nowadays, social media has almost become part of consumers’ daily lives. Social media, which is one of the most important marketing tools for companies and brands, is also being used effectively in promotion and marketing of pruducts and services by customers. It is considered that the shares of consumers via social media are highly effective in the promotion of gastronomy culture particular to specific destinations. This paper aims to systematically analyze the items of gastronomy culture particular to Edirne region which shared with Edirne hashtags in Instagram, which is one of the most important social media channels. In this study, content of hashtags for Edirne and its counties in Instagram has been analyzed by content analysis, using “visual elements”. After detailed literature review and analysing photos in Instagram, an encoding table that contains the main themes and sub-themes related to important elements for specific touristic values in destination has been created. Percent and frequency analyses have been performed as descriptive statistics to analyze the data. In line with the findings of the research, prominent elements in shares of users related to gastronomy culture of Edirne and its counties has been evaluated, and recommendations have been made for using these elements in marketing activities.
Keywords Edirne, Gastronomy Culture, Instagram, Content Analyses, Social Media
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 071-080
Year 2016
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