Title Rural Tourism in the Original Folk Culture Featured Items with an example: Milas, Çomakdağ Kızılağaç Village
Authors Sultan Ebru EKİCİ
Abstract The aim of study is to Çomakdağ Region’s ,from Milas District, Muğla, tourism potential and data of folk culture can be used to evaluate in rural tourism.All of the data is collected with literature surves and using in-depth interview methods.Olive production and handicraft are the most important economical activities in Çomakdağ.The stone houses, women’s colorful style of clothing, traditional life style and handicraft are the most specific items belonging to Çomakdağ.All of these features contribute to the rich cultureof Muğla.Çomakdağ has great rural tourism potential but this region has little rural tourism activities.In thıs study,locals peoples can benefit more effectively from the tourism sector. However,theattitudes of local people in rural tourism development and trends are analyzed.Rural tourism on the village have attempted to explain the positive effects. Çomakdağ’s culture will be sustainable and will also ensure the development of the local economy with rural tourism. Rural tourism also bring long-term improvements to local people’s living conditions.
Keywords Çomakdağ Region, folk culture, Muğla,rural tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 065-070
Year 2016
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