Title Examination of The Additions on Rural Development and Economic of Muğla Provicence of Hunting Tourism in Muğla City
Authors Hatice ULUSOY
Abstract Rapidly growing tourism sector in the world are playing an important role in the development of countries and developing quickly. As in all industries and the world has brought some changes in tourism sector too.Turkey are called attention to many alternative tourism types with coastal tourism is formed by sea-sand-sun trio in parallel are development in world. İn recently times; the demand tourism to our country show a a steady development and its occured in areas are alternative tourism types that harmonizing with nature, protecting ecological balance, not damaging the environment, adopting a sustainable tourism approach and providing a competitive advantage. Hunting tourism in rural tourism are activities that it aims to contribute to the country’s tourism and the national economyin terms of recreational and tourist and hunting and wildlife resources be made available to local and foreign hunters under control, hunting tourism is a kind of tourism that responsive to needs of people. Muğla cultural and natural assets to be placed on the tourism sector in Turkey is not only a wealth of resources as one of the world’s rarest. Therefore, the basis of this city’s ecomomic has occurred for the province’s tourism sector. In this study, potential, place among other forms of tourism, and contribution to the province’s economy, impact on rural development and socio-economic impacts on the local people living in rural areas in Muğla Province of the hunting tourism in which alternative form of tourism in the tourism sector were evaluated.
Keywords Muğla City of Hunting Tourism, Rural Tourism, Rural Development
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 042-057
Year 2016
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