Title Cittaslow Movement for Sustainable Rural Development: The Case of Kandira
Authors Tülay Polat ÜZÜMCÜ,Aysun ÇELİK,Emrah ÖZKUL
Abstract People today in the cities in which they live is in the search for a more human and sustainable places for their life. In response to this search for sustainable urban development, the most important goal of the approach of cittaslow which includes sustainable production and consumption of slow cities is to improve the quality of life of the local community and visitors. Slow cities; emerged to prevent the elimination of local properties due to the globalization town of tissue, life style, standardization and residents. Cittaslow (slowcity) concept; was initiated in order to achieve targeting local production and consumption, architectural, natural and cultural values are preserved and to reach a better quality of life and the human environment. Today many cities want to join cittaslow, which could be accepted as a local development model approach at the same time, to evaluate the natural and socio-economic attractiveness of the are they have in order to contribute to local development. Kandıra district of Kocaeli Province with its natural, cultural and landscape characteristics and with the preserved rural texture is a candidate for slow city. At the same time, cittaslow approach as a good example of rural tourism is considered to enable important contribution of local development of Kandıra. Kandıra carriying the criterias to be a slow city or easily enabled to have the criterias necessary, can be able to in chopen a door to the world. With this regard, in this study, a local development approach which serving the sustainable rural tourism, environment a land cultural tissue preserved and, regional cuisine, of crafts and rural life be kept at the forefront will be and evaluate Kandıra and its villages potential to become cittaslow. The paper will be examined in terms of compliance with Kandıra district of cittaslow criteria after conceptually investigated and recommendations for the implementation of cittaslow approach for rural development will be submitted to the district.
Keywords Slowcity (Cittaslow), Sustainable Rural Development, Sustainable Rural Tourism, Local Development, Kandıra
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 041-051
Year 2016
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