Title Outdoor Recreation Potential of Golyazi Village of Bursa Province
Authors Aysun ÇELİK,Tülay POLAT ÜZÜMCÜ,İbrahim ÇETİN
Abstract Some types of negative circumstances brought by the modern and technological life cause on human beings’ physical, emotionally mentally and physichological wear and problems. In such circumstances the best way for human beings’ to recover their health is participating either active or passive recreational activities by directing themselves to natural and rural areas. While humanbeings prefer outdoor areas to indoor areas, recreation areas in outdoor have been declining in big and highly populated cities. For this reason, the villages around the big cities cary great potential for outdoor recreation. Being located in wall of Bursa and Uluabat lake shore Gölyazı village too, which belongs to Nilüfer district of Bursa province is an old Greek village which has recreation attractiviness. Gölyazı Village, which is called as Apolyont in ancient times, is a potential area with its natural, cultural and landscape characteristics for recreative needs of human beings’ who lives surrounded cities in addition to the Bursa province. The purpose in this study is to determine the outdoor recreation area potential of Gölyazı village has according to the method which is developed by Gülez to evaluate recreation potential in 1990 and to contribute recreation management of village which considering village’s this potential recreation protection and carrying capacity.
Keywords Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Bursa, Gölyazı Village, Recreation Planning
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 032-040
Year 2016
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