Title A Research Of The Assessment Of Ecotourism Areas And Ecotourism Suitability (The Example Of Gaziantep)
Authors Adnan AKIN
Abstract The main purpose of the following research is to determine the areas for ecotourism in Gaziantep and to determine their suitability for ecotourism. For this purpose, by using the maximum diversity of species sampling method, data from 15 people who work in public, private and mixed organizations, was obtained. SWOT analysis was applied to the data to determine the current state of qualitative research designs. As a result of the research, the ecotourism areas in Gaziantep and their suitability for ecotourism, were determined. An inadequacy in the infrastructure and superstructure and marketing, related to the areas, was determined. However, the biggest concern with this areas is related to the security. Because of the fact that the people who work in this areas where ecotourism happens and the local people do not know the concept of sustainability, it was also found that the areas are endangered for a long time.
Keywords tourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 025-031
Year 2016
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