Title Transformation of Labor in Rural Areas in the Tourism Area: A Study On Milas Rural Areas
Authors Ertan ÇAKMAKCI
Abstract Tourism has contributed widely to economic, social and cultural structure in regions where it is effective. This contribution especially leads some transformation in social structure of local people living in touristic place. One of these transformations is labor transformation. Development of tourism has created labor transformation especially in tourism centers in the country. Some people who used to earn their living in agriculture have tended to benefit from this development by setting up small businesses on their land or sell or to rent their land to large tourism enterprises (if the land has touristic value) owing to the revenue generated by tourism and employment. Some people have turned out to be fulltime or part-time workers at the large firms established in their regions as it is difficult to use the area as touristic place or the land is inadequate in size. Some of the family members in this category, especially younger ones have began working as tourism workers while the other part of members go on working in agriculture. However, the rapid development of tourism inflicted several changes of social and cultural structure of rural areas. In this research it discussed of the positive and negative implications of these changes. By means of this research, data which is obtained from the questionnaire with people in a rural areas of Milas in Muğla, has been collected and analyzed statistically.
Keywords Labor transformation,rural development,rural tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 016-024
Year 2016
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